Coaker's Walk

Locations at Kodaikanal

Due to its extraordinary location, Pine Borough Inn is adored by travellers. It is known for being one of the best resorts near Coaker's Walk and several other waterfalls. It is celebrated for its strategic position amidst the hills.

Tourist Spots

Known as the "Princess of Hill Stations", Kodaikanal is renowned for its pristine and clear lakes and parks. It is the perfect destination for every nature lover who wishes to get lost in the magnificent greenery. 

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Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake is a man-made lake that has been one of the most visited lakes for its pristine beauty. It is located in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu. The Lake is the perfect spot to click beautiful pictures as it acts as one of the most exquisite backdrops. It is 3.6 km from the Inn and takes 12 minutes to reach.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal. It has been successfully luring travellers with its exquisite cycling lanes and boating facilities. It surrounds a man-made lake that provides boat rentals to tourists to sail across the turquoise lake. It is 3 km from the hotel and takes 12 minutes to reach. 


Coaker's Walk

Another enthralling tourist spot, Coaker's Walk is a wonderful location to visit. As the name suggests, it is the perfect place to steal a nice walk. It has a walking path surrounding breathtaking views of mountains. It is only 3 km from the hotel and takes 11 minutes to reach.

Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls is a small yet popular waterfall located amidst the green, lush forest. Its marvellous location in nature makes it the perfect hiking point for nature lovers. It takes 6 minutes to reach and is only a km from the hotel.


Travel Hubs

Since it is a hill station, the nearest airports and railway stations are a bit of a ride. However, the beautiful and picturesque views definitely make up for it and create an unbelievable travel experience!

Madurai Airport

Madurai Airport

Located 120 km from Kodaikanal, Madurai Airport is the closest airfield to the hill station. Although it is quite far, the breathtaking, picturesque views of the hills make up for an unforgettable journey through the curves. It takes 3 hours 20 minutes to reach the airfield from Pine Borough Inn.

Kodairoad Junction

Kodairoad Junction is the main and closest railway junction from Kodaikanal. The station is responsible for running multiple trains to different cities. It is 83 km from the hotel.


Kodaikanal Bus Stand

Kodaikanal Bus Stand is located in Woodville Road. It is the closest bus stands to the hotel that provides perfectly connected buses, making travelling around the hill station easy and comfortable. It is 2 km from the hotel and takes 9 minutes to reach.